Stranger In Pub To Give Pool Advice Any Minute Now


A STRANGER sitting at a local bar is to give pool players he doesn’t even know some advice, despite having no intention of playing the game himself at any stage today.

Damien Kent, who just popped in for “the one” eight hours ago, made his way over to the table to demonstrate his stunning strategy to one of the young men who picked the middle pocket to pot the only remaining black ball.

“Jaysis, I wouldn’t pick the middle pocket lad,” muttered Kent, halting play now with his professional opinion. “Not if you’re sticking to it.”

Forcing the young man to change his mind, Kent made sure to stand right behind him in a bid to guide him through the shot, inadvertently getting in the players way and knocking his cue off target.

“Ah ya fuckin’ missed it sure,” he shouted, making sure to intimidate them even more by standing way too close for talking. “Amateur mistake kid!”

Making his way back to the bar stool, Kent began slating ‘young people these days’ for not listening to their elders, claiming that back in his day, children would have got a clip around the ear if they didn’t listen like that.

“Nothing but a bunch of ungrateful little losers being brought up these days,” he concluded, before ordering his 12th pint of Guinness.