WWN TECH: Why You’re Better Off Waiting For The iPhone 9


WITH Apple expected to announce the iPhone 6s at today’s event in San Francisco, many consumers will be foaming at the mouth to buy it as soon as possible. But wait! History dictates that early adopters of new Apple technology can regret their decision, and wish they’d held off for a better product. We’ve taken a look at the iPhone 6s, and here’s why we think you’d be better off waiting on the iPhone 9, due in 2020.

It’ll have a better screen

Every successive iPhone has had a better screen than the last, with crisper images and higher resolution. So it only stands to reason that the iPhone 9 will have a way better screen than the 6s. That’s just common sense. If you don’t mind putting up with a shitty screen, then by all means go for the 6s.

It’ll be better at phoning

Everything the iPhone 6 can do, the iPhone 6s will do better. And by that logic, the iPhone 9 will knock them all senseless with its phoning, messaging and internetting ability. It’ll send a message so God damn fast, you won’t know what’s happening. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Isn’t that worth a five year wait?

You’ll be the first to have one

Even now, thousands of people have pre-ordered the iPhone 6s. There’s no way you’re going to be one of the first people with one, so why even try? Who wants to have the same phone as everyone else? We saw a woman on the train this morning with an iPhone 6, once the hottest piece of technology around. Today, we just looked at her with a mix of pity and disgust.

It can fly

The iPhone 9 will probably have some sort of flight capability. iPhone 6s? Not so much. Your call.