Baz Ashmawy Charged With 50 Counts Of Attempted Murder


IRISH TV and radio personality Baz Ashmawy has been arrested following a dawn raid on his home by Gardaí, following an investigation into as many as 50 counts of attempted murder.

Ashmawy, 40, was hauled out of his home before 7 AM by members of the special branch. Although no official statements have been issued, Ashmawy was heard yelling at police that “they’ve got it all wrong”.

It is believed that the 50 charges all stem from attempts on the life of one Nancy Ashmawy, who Gardaí believe is known to the suspect.

“Following up on information provided to us by Sky, we put together a profile of Mr. Ashmawy which led to his arrest this morning,” said Superintendent Charles Morris, during a press conference today.

“16 officers armed with pepper spray and tazers breached the front door of Ashmawy’s property at 6:45AM, and managed to finish kicking the shit out of him by 7:15. The suspect is now in custody, following a short hearing this morning where he was refused bail. We believe we’re looking at perhaps one of the country’s leading attempted serial murderers, and we’re giving ourselves pats on the back all round for bringing him in”.

Morris went on to state that as Ashmawy’s first 50 attempts on the life of Nancy Ashmawy were unsuccessful, he could possibly have been in the process of developing 50 more.