Kid On First Day Of School Completely Oblivious To How Long Education Lasts For


STEPPING out of his mother’s car as she dropped him off, a young Kilkenny boy is looking forward to his first day at primary school, all the while remaining blissfully unaware that his education will last for the better part of the next two decades.

Jack McMahon, 4, had a big smile on his face as his mother packed his lunch into his brand new Thomas the Tank Engine backpack before taking 97 photos of him to upload onto various social media websites. He then began the trip to the local primary school for the first of the 2,466 school days he will have to sit through over the next 14 years or so.

Looking forward to what everyone assured him would be “a fun time with lots of new friends and colouring-in”, Jack remained confident that he would enjoy his time at school, which he assumes will last a week, maybe two weeks tops.

“It’s going to be a great fortnight at this ‘school’ everyone’s been talking about,” said Jack, who’s just a wee dote God love him.

“From what I hear it’s just non-stop craic and although no-one has told me this,  I’m assuming you can just come and go as you please. So if I get to lunchtime and I don’t like it, I can just bail out, right? They’ll call my mam and I can go home and catch the end of Paw Patrol, right?”

Smiling as he ran through the gates, Jack caught one last glimpse of his mam as she waved goodbye, and wondered if school was so brilliant, why was she bawling her eyes out.