Contagious Yawn Outbreak Devastates Dublin Office


QUICK thinking management at a prominent Dublin business have been praised for limiting the outbreak of devastating yawns, which experts have claimed is one of the worst cases of the yawns they have ever seen.

Staff on the second floor of Quirke Property Management were happily going about their work when member of staff John Hurley, who it is alleged had as little as 4 hours sleep the previous night, broke out in sustained yawn which soon turned into a contagion, infecting the entire floor.

“Yawns, especially on a Friday afternoon can derail even the most prepared office. We’ve seen the devastating effects on focus, work ethic and in the worst cases, some individuals give themselves over completely to daydreaming,” leading Infectious Office Idleness expert Gregory Stroom told WWN.

Fearing the worst for her staff on the remaining floors of the building, Quirke Property Management CEO Sarah Goulding sealed off the second floor and placed every individual effected in the conference room. Hoping to keep the panic to a minimum she told other staff it was part of a ‘think in’ which would see staff members discuss any ideas they had for the business.

“From the moment John opened his jaw up and started this howling yawn, I saw it rip through the office. Another yawn, another man down, it had taken hold within seconds,” Goulding explained to WWN.

“Before I could stop it, several heads had already turned to stare off out the window into the distance… we had lost them all,” an emotional Goulding concluded.

Soon, experts descended on the scene with several Lucozades, some fruit and instructions for the affected to get up and shake their limbs out a bit.