Traveller Partaking In Mass Brawl Wondering Where The Stereotypes Come From


AS members of the travelling community continue to battle against stereotypes which prove to be a barrier to opportunity and equality, one traveller who participated in a mass brawl in Roscommon expressed his frustration at such stereotyping.

“I can’t get into a fuckin’ shop in the community, and that’s not on,” Patrick Nevin explained just 24 hours after Gardaí were called to the scene of a brawl, where Nevin threw sixteen solids digs, three kicks, and one head butt which didn’t land.

The cause of the fight between some members of the traveller community is as yet unclear, but presumed to be something that didn’t warrant a mass brawl which spilled out onto the street and ultimately resulted in armed Garda being called to the scene.

“I’m sick of the looks and comments I’m getting too, the stereotypes are unwarranted,” Nevin added.

The wider travelling community echoed Nevin’s sentiments, personally thanking Nevin for inviting yet more prejudice and ridicule their way.

Nevin’s wife reiterated her husband’s concern for the traveller community as a whole after revealing her children had already been the subject of bullying at school just one day into the academic year.

“My Sean is in floods of tears after some young fella was slagging Patrick. The children can’t even go to school with being discriminated against,” Sinead Ward explained, “Patrick’s done nothing to deserve this,” she added of her husband who is due in court on September 15th.