Mark McCabe Threatens Release Of Maniac 2015


RADIO stations across the country have been placed on high alert, following a new threat from DJ Mark McCabe to unleash Maniac 2015 on the world.

McCabe, the evil mastermind behind Maniac 2000, has threatened a new version every year since then. In a video posted online earlier today, the Waterford native claimed that unless €10m was transferred into his bank account, he would upload Maniac 2015 to every music sharing site in the world.

“My demands are clear,” said McCabe, in the eerie video.

“The mic is already in my left hand. The decision is yours. Are… you… ready?”

Music experts from every county in Ireland agree that the release of a single such as Maniac 2015 would have devastating repercussions on the Irish nightclub scene, which has only begun to recover from the horrors of Maniac 2000.

“When Maniac 2000 hit Ireland, it was like nothing we’ve ever seen,” said IMRO music historian and combat strategist Ian Jennings.

“There was carnage on dancefloors from Cobh to Dundalk. It remains one of the biggest selling singles in Irish music history, and that was in an age before music streaming services. We’ve only just seen Maniac 2000 eradicated from playlists: a new version released today might become so popular it would play at weddings and 21st birthdays for the rest of our lives”.

Jennings went on to state that although IMRO are taking McCabe’s threats seriously, they refuse to negotiate with music terrorists.