Rosanna Davison’s Vegan Diet The Leading Cause Of Ignorance


DOCTORS and qualified dietitians have spoken out today to issue a warning about Rosanna Davison’s vegan diet after it appeared to be the leading cause of ignorance and various related conditions on the ignorance spectrum.

“I would wholeheartedly advise against my patients adopting this particular diet, which differs from a typical vegan diet, as the consequences can be devastating to logic and reason,” Dr. Fiona Kelleher, who is not remotely as famous as Davison, told WWN earlier today.

“Even if an individual takes up the patented eating regime for only a day they can build up an intolerance to peer reviewed scientific research,” added Dr. Kelleher, who feared purchasing Davison’s new book could prove fatal in the long run.

For those concerned about loved ones who have expressed an interest in the book experts have warned that symptoms of ignorance include ‘talking shite’, ‘making claims without backing them up with relevant research’ and ‘actively spreading misinformation which increases the stigma surrounding autism’.

Davison made several claims about gluten being the cause of autism, schizophrenia and arthritis in a 2193-word ad for her new book in the Irish Independent, with the claims going unchallenged by the paper.

Noting this error, the Irish Independent immediately took down the offending article and gave a leading dietitian, who, unlike a Naturopathic therapist is part of a profession that is regulated, and allowed them a 2193-word right of reply.

“I just want those suffering from ignorance to know, they don’t have to suffer out loud anymore, help is out there,” Dr. Kelleher concluded.

It is thought sales of Davison’s book will skyrocket and out sell the free advice available from qualified professionals here on the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute’s website.