This Alternative Ending To Friends May Ruin The Show For You Forever


JUST when you think you can’t have your mind blown anymore along comes this MIND BLOWING take on WWN’s favourite sitcom Friends, and it might just ruin it for you forever.

Crazy fan theories always intrigue us as it’s easy to copy and paste them and some are genuinely thoughtful and insightful, so you can imagine our delight when Twitter user @MommyIsMyFavourite wrote an essay as part of their English class last year.

Hat tip to MommyIsMyFavourite’s teacher Miss O’Brien who uploaded the picture of the essay to her Facebook, and hat tip to Miss O’Brien’s friend Angela who shared the picture on Instagram with an additional hat tip to Cormac Boylan who screen grabbed it for his blog WonderFull.

Also can’t forget a hat tip to UniLad, LadBible, BanterGospel and Youtube user AnalFan69 who shared it before it made it’s way to us organically via WWN reader John.

Read on at your peril, it gets dark:

“I like the brown hairs lady. Raychel? She is nice. Why is she always annoyed at
the Ross man? What if they stop talking too each otters, because they wood be very
happy if they didn’t have to talk to each other because they are always fighting.

Sometimes they kiss, that’s yucky. Boys and girls should not kiss because I don’t
like girls and the Ross man has funny hair. I don’t want funny hair when I’m older.
I want to be Ronaldo or Lion Messi when I grow up.”

Ooof! A Friends ending that sees Ross and Rachel deciding not to get together? That’s HUGE, but you know what, we’re sort of happy with the ending we got. Contemplating an alternative reality where she got on the plane. That. Is. Dark. Be careful what you wish for and all that, but credit to MommyIsMyFavourite, perhaps a future as a writer is on the cards.

Keep an eye out on the site later for a crazy fan theory about The Commitments, The Van and The Snapper which claims all three films are set in the same town! Mad!