Friend Launches Kickstarter For His Terrible Business Idea


WATERFORD native and self-confessed entrepreneur and ‘imaginator’ Billy Foley has alerted friends, family, former colleagues and friends of friends on Facebook to the Kickstarter page for his completely awful idea for a business venture.

Foley posted the link to his Kickstarter page accompanied by a status which began with an optimistic tone, but soon diverged into dangerous territory as he sought to guilt everyone into donating.

“From small beginnings and all that. Really excited by this leap of faith I’m taking. And for those who don’t know I’ve quit the job, so it’s sort of important this goes well. And for those I haven’t directly talked to for the last few years I have a wife and two children depending on me so every little donation helps, cheers,” Foley’s desperate status read.

While the post received several likes and enthusiastic comments Foley’s sure fire million euro idea had only garnered €100 in funding, which was anonymously donated by Foley’s wife at his own request.

“God, I tell ya, some of the lads are going to have egg on their faces when I make my first billion,” Foley remarked to himself as he began the process of messaging everyone individually with the link to the Kickstarter.

The page for the Kickstarter page itself vaguely details ‘a unique opportunity’ involving customised windscreen wipers which also take selfies of you when they are in operation.

Foley has several rewards listed for potential backers, including a free ticket to the official product launch night which will be hosted by none other than Marty Morrissey, but sadly they have so far failed to attract investors.

In response to the lack of investment Foley planned to post several quotes from Steve Jobs on his page later this evening.