Rubik’s Cube Champion Also World Record Holder For Left Swipes On Tinder


AFTER his incredible 5.695 second Rubik’s cube world record yesterday, Feliks Zemdegs humbly accepted yet another Guinness record today in Brazil – for the most left swipes against him on Tinder.

The 19-year-old Australian managed to retain his title as the fastest person at the championships to solve the Rubik’s cube, while also receiving a staggering 34,789 left swipes in just 7 seconds on the phone dating application.

“I joined Tinder before the championships last week and knew I was on to a Guinness world record title after being swiped left one million times on the first day,” Zemdegs told WWN. “I’m not proud of it, but I’m not sad either. I don’t really feel anything if I’m honest. I just want to be left alone with my cube. Cube is my friend”.

Zemdegs describes himself in his Tinder profile as ‘Rubik’s Cube 24/7’ and is pictured in a passionate embrace with the cube.

The Rubik’s cube expert retained the crown he first won two years ago at the tense finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil. However, his staggering time in solving the traditional 3x3x3 puzzle was not even a world record – American Collin Burns once completed it in 5.25.

“That guy was just lucky,” he explained, frantically checking Tinder for right swipes. “When I beat his time, I’m pretty sure all that sweet ass pussy will come knocking. Just you wait and see”.