“Small Minority Giving The Rest Of Us A Bad Name”, Claims Dublin Seagull


A DUBLIN seagull has today called for calm among the human community after a number of gulls have openly attacked and robbed people on the Dublin and Wicklow coast line.

Martin McGull (3) claims the recent spate of incidents was down to “a small minority” who were inadvertently giving the rest of the gull community “a bad name”.

“Don’t paint us all with the one feather,” he told WWN this afternoon on the promenade in Bray, County Wicklow. “There are some hard-working gulls in this area who just want to get on with their lives and feed their families. People are on about a gull-cull and now every one of us fear for our lives”.

Mr. McGull’s comments came after Dublin woman, Vanessa Keegan, had her phone stolen by a seagull in the National Botanic Gardens over the weekend.

“There were about twelve of them in total,” explained the Clonsilla woman. “One asked me for a light, but I told him I didn’t smoke. Before I knew it another one was in my handbag, taking out my phone. I shooed them away, but they managed to take off with it”.

Since being robbed, Mrs. Keegan said the birds have been updating her facebook page with gull selfies, taunting her.

Senator Ned O’Sullivan called for action against the birds and has asked members of their community to an emergency meeting.

“The only way we can stop this is to work together and pinpoint the perpetrators from the get-go,” O’Sullivan told WWN.

There are an estimated 2 million seagulls living in the Dublin area alone, with almost 14% of those with some form of criminal record.

“Many of these birds are unemployed and living in disadvantaged areas like Bray and Greystones,” added O’Sullivan. “Hopefully we can come to some solution with the gull community, whether it be a social or a final solution”.