600 Mediterranean Refugees To Be Housed On Killiney Hill


OVER six hundred recently rescued refugees are to be housed in prefab units at a disused site on Killiney Hill in south county Dublin, Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has said.

The Government signed off on the relocation scheme before a meeting of European Union justice ministers on Monday in Luxembourg.

“It is a great honour to announce this new initiative,” Mrs. Fitzgerald said, reversing the country’s previous stance on EU justice and home affairs legislation. “The site will see 100 prefab units being erected on the south facing Killiney Hill to help emulate the Mediterranean scenery these people would be used to. It will hopefully be a home away from home for them”.

Costing a total of €24 million, construction on the site is due to begin next month without it having to go through the planning permission process, much to the outrage of some residents in the area.

“The fact we have no say in the matter is appalling,” said Vico road resident Charles Xabier. “My house was worth sixty seven million euros last year, now I’m not too sure how it will fare with these animals moving in. Absolute disgrace”.

Defending the decision, Taoiseach Enda Kenny welcomed the move, pointing out previous failed refugee camps in the past.

“Many previous ventures have failed in the past and this time we wanted to get this right,” he said. “Killiney Hill is still part of Ireland and comes under Irish law. Some people out there think they’re too good for the rest of the country so we decided to mix it up a bit out there. Stir the pot”.

The first of the 600 refugees are due to arrive in November.