6 Gifs That TOTALLY Don’t Sum Up Anything Right Now


WE consider ourselves a patient bunch at WWN towers, but seriously these 5 gifs literally sum up nothing in anyone’s life right now!

1) Sums. Up. Nothing.

Really? C’mon we can’t even retrofit this one with a charming preamble that plants an inane and unconvincing seed in your head about how this is applicable to some aspect of people’s lives and experiences. ‘This is totally me at the gym’? Nope. ‘How I feel after eating take away?’ Eh nope. This gif is defining nothing right now.

2) Sums. Up. Ab-so-fucking-lutely nothing.

Ugh this should have been perfect, it’s Taylor Swift for fuck sake, but this doesn’t even neatly sum up any of the vast boy/girl problems one could have encountered throughout one’s life. People need to be more mindful when creating gifs on the internet.

3) Nothing. Summed. Up.

I mean WOW! It’s a stunning sight to behold, but what the fuck use is it if it can’t fill up a place on my ’12 gifs that sum up why you’re still glad you left your college boyfriend behind’ list.

4) Nothing.com/fuckallsummedup

WTF? The text isn’t even applicable to anything that is so Irish and I’ve already filled up 12 of the 13 gifs for my ’13 gifs that totally summed up Ireland on the 17th of August 1870′ list. Sure I could just change it to 12 gifs, but then where is my journalistic integrity?

5) Sans summing up.

You fucking assholes! My job is on the line and this is the best the internet can come with up? Ok maybe at a stretch this could be the anchor to my ‘3 gifs that sum your last golden shower’ but throw me a fucking bone here, I need more if people are going to feel like shit was adequately summed up for them!

6) Summed nothing up te fuck.

Seriously you useless fucking pricks, I’ve got lists for days but no fucking gifs to go with them you wretched gif making cun…oh wait sory this one is actually a photo. Apologies, my mistake.