Mick Wallace To Meet His Source Under The Spire At Midnight


STILL unable to shake the feeling that something is not quite right, Wexford TD Mick Wallace is going to turn over every stone in this Goddamn city until he closes this case.

In what could be a career case for Wallace, the TD brought allegations of a €15,000 cash payment in a bag to a NAMA official.

Foregoing a dozen or so more suitable locations for inconspicuous meetings with a top secret source, Wallace decided the lighting around the Spire monument on O’Connell St at midnight was just dark and shady enough to serve as symbolic of the bribery allegations rocking the Project Eagle property sale.

After grabbing several hood rats by the lapels and shouting “tell me everything you know, and don’t skimp on the details ya hear, cus I’m hungry for truth and I haven’t eaten for days” Wallace intends to meet his source Shallow Throat at the stroke of midnight.

The Wexford TD will first shake off any tails by dashing in and out of the cavernous laneways in Temple Bar before finding himself in a doorway with a dame with killer pins, left with no choice but to lay the lips on her to avoid detection.

Seeking yet more information which will further prove the bribery claims which is infiltrating high level property sales, Wallace told his source to meet him under the Spire, indentifying himself by carrying a copy of the Wexford People newspaper.

Defying his superiors, Wallace handed in his TD badge earlier this week before asserting “hell! Have my badge, what do I care? But, I’m solving this case even if it’s the last thing I do ya hear”.