NAMA Joins Long List Of Complete And Utter Fuck Ups


AS police investigations relating to NAMA deals have opened up in both Northern Ireland and here in the Republic of Ireland, many historians have taken note to add the ‘bad bank’ to Ireland’s long list of complete and utter fuck ups.

Although NAMA had been subject to much criticism since its inception many have taken the recent accusations as concrete proof that the agency can be formally consigned to the unenviable and rather packed category.

“I’m actually on my third book about how much of a shit show it is,” explained UCD History professor Colm McDermott, “I’ve actually cut to the chase with this one and called it ‘NAMA: What A Fuck Up'”.

McDermott could not be drawn on why exactly every State body every instituted in Ireland slowly becomes plagued with a foul stench, but he confirmed it was inevitable for every single one of them.

Allegations of bribery have rocked the State agency, but such allegations have come as little surprise to expert members of the general public.

“You have to grease palms in fairness, I’m just surprised it took so long for someone to get caught. You’ve got to admire that a bit really,” explained local man David Grogan, “I wouldn’t judge the lads too harshly though, you’ve always got to remember it could be worse, it could be Irish Water”.

While an updated official ranking for complete and utter fuck ups in Ireland haven’t been released by the Government, it is believed NAMA is currently sitting between two costly tribunals.