‘IMF And Greece. Up A Tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G’ Confirms EU


A SHOCKED European Union has confirmed that Greece and the IMF are ‘totes in love’ after the IMF spoke up for Greece in a leaked report outlining the immediate need to institute a debt forgiveness program.

The EU has denied trying to increase the level of rose-cheeked embarrassment for the amorous IMF by calling them out on their public displays of affection.

“Ah scandal! It’s mad they are just so different, you know the way you just have those friends that you’ve never thought would get together,” a visibly surprised head of the ECB Mario Draghi told WWN.

“Honestly, I’m not even sure what they see in Greece, like they’re so poor that if IMF think they can go halves on a dinner date they’ve not another thing coming,” a frustrated Angela Merkel told the German press earlier today.

While many EU leaders have disparagingly pointed out that they honestly don’t even get what the IMF sees in Greece, one particular European player has been left completely devastated by the news.

“I had know idea they felt that way about Greece, I mean, I was such good friends with the IMF, always picked the phone the first ring. Always did what they asked but they never returned the affection, they never fought for my debt forgiveness,” an emotionally shattered Enda Kenny said, as he stared off into a loveless and lonely void.

“Christ, I even put out on the first date, I changed everything about myself for the IMF” Kenny concluded before breaking down in tears.