80% Of Employers Admit Skipping Straight To ‘Hobbies’ Section Of CV


JOBSEEKERS have been advised to beef up the ‘hobbies’ section of their CVs following the results of a recent study, which revealed it to be the most important consideration when an employer is hiring.

80% of companies offering employment admitted that the first thing they read on a CV is not the list of previous work experience, or the educational achievements, but instead the list of things you do in your spare time.

Most of the people surveyed stated that if the prospective employee’s list of past-times doesn’t gel with their own, they don’t really bother reading any further.

“Look at this lad: he says his hobbies are tennis and reading. Into the bin you go, pal!” said Marcus Harding, HR manager for Harding Accountants in Dublin.

“I don’t care if you have a Masters. I don’t care if you’ve been promoted ten times in your last job. All I care about is what you do when you’re chilling out. Look at this girl’s CV: she enjoys long walks and reading. Why is it always reading? Is that supposed to impress me, that you read a book? Bin!”

Harding’s statement echos the majority of employers who agree that while a candidate should have the relevant educational requirements and previous work experience, it’s more important that they aren’t a dry shite.