Doctors Baffled As Local Man Suffers Same Nagging Sound In His Ear For Past 30 Years


DOCTORS have been baffled by the case of a Waterford man who has been complaining of the same nagging sound in his ears for the last 30 years.

Timothy Halligan, 59, has taken himself around the world in his quest to get to the bottom of the mysterious affliction but a diagnosis remains elusive.

“I’d probably describe it as a persistent ‘waaaaaaaaah’ sound, it can be quite high pitched, sometimes,” Mr. Halligan explained to WWN, “I often hear it on the occasions when I forget to put out the bins, or when I fart. I’m used to it at this stage, I suppose, but it’d be nice to fine a cure all the same”.

Halligan, a married father-of-three, had said his motivation for finding a cure came as his children got older.

“Well, it’s two-fold really as I hoped it wasn’t hereditary, and it has got worse in the last 3 years, just when the two youngest left the family home,” Halligan explained.

“We can rule out the possibility of the condition, though still largely unknown to us, being hereditary as Mr. Halligan has told his youngest son, who actually married my daughter, has had no nagging irritation of the ears,” local GP Dr. Ciaran Cumisky explained to WWN.

Leading Otolaryngologists in America had tried to pinpoint the exact moment at which Halligan began suffering from the nagging sound, but no telling instances stick out from when it began in 1985, shortly after marrying his wife Una Halligan.