Miserable Bastard Wants To Connect With You On LinkedIn For Some Reason


SOME miserable bastard you knew back from school wants to add you to his Linkedin page for some reason, despite you not actually having an account of your own.

Charlie Kane, who you stabbed in the hand with a compass in tech drawing once, reached out after a 12 year friendship hiatus after coming across your email address online, through a mutual friend’s Facebook page.

‘Alright lad. Long time no see. I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.’ he sent, making sure to add his current job description of ‘Retail Sales Manager At Londis’.

After a quick glance, it becomes clear that Kane set up his Linkedin profile some time ago, but has only managed to contact you now, probably due to how busy he has been in such a prestigious and demanding role.

Making absolutely no effort to reply, you simply ignore his message without action, binning his electronic olive branch to the dark and lonely abyss of your email providers spam folder, hoping your lack of response crushes any desire he may have of a rekindled friendship.

“I hope I don’t meet him on the street now or something,” you warn yourself, knowing too well this is the kind of shit that always happens to you.