Jim Carrey Now Dumber Than Lloyd Christmas, Confirm Doctors


HOLLYWOOD superstar and vocal anti-vaccination campaigner Jim Carrey has undergone a series of examinations by some of the world’s leading specialists in stupidity, who have confirmed that the star is in actual fact dumber than his on-screen alter ego Lloyd Christmas.

Christmas, who appeared in both Dumb & Dumber and its sequel, was portrayed as having extraordinarily low levels of intelligence, leading to situations where his actions put the safety of those around him in constant danger.

Doctors studying Carrey himself have found remarkable similarities between the actor and the character, following a lengthy Twitter campaign by Carrey warning about the dangers of vaccinating children against a range of potentially life-threatening diseases.

“Filling parents’ heads with a bunch of misguided information and scaremongering about vaccinations is just the kind of dumb shit that Lloyd Christmas would do,” said Dr. Alan Chambers who, unlike Carrey, has done some actual research into vaccines.

“A lot of these celebrities watch a few clickbait videos on YouTube and then start yelling about how there’s some massive Government conspiracy or whatever. Of course, these people have millions of Twitter followers who just swallow everything, so we’re left with the task of trying to get parents to see sense, hopefully avoiding an epidemic that could have been easily avoided”.

Chambers went on to lament the fact that thousands of people were willing to believe that medical scientists were lying to them, while a man made famous by literally talking out of his arse was telling the truth.