Rory McIlroy Injured After First Session With Sex Coach, Tiger Woods


REIGNING Open champion Rory McIlroy is set to miss the opportunity to defend his crown due to an injury sustained with a new coach, and not in a game of football as previously reported WWN can reveal.

It is believed McIlroy had been toying with the idea of enlisting Tiger Woods and the former world number one’s sex coach to give him an edge in his daily life as a top athlete, with expert Marcel Deschamps taking the Northern Irish native for his first session several days ago.

“Rory was reluctant but then he saw the results Tiger has got over the last 10 years off the course and thought he’d be mad not to try it,” an insider told WWN.

Tiger Woods is believed to have qualified for his sex coach licence earlier this year and is keen to take on his first client, selecting McIlroy some days ago.

Nike, sponsor of both McIlroy and Woods, deny pressuring the 26-year-old into taking on a sex coach as part of his career planning which would ultimately lead to a scandal and redemption tale when he was in the mid-30s. Woods still hold the PGA record of 61 partners over the course of 18 holes.

“I sat in on the session for all of two minutes, but it was too intense,” the insider added, “he had Rory humping the air with a great deal of ferocity and then changing position without a moment’s notice, I think it was in switching positions the damage to his ankle was done”.

Deschamps, Woods’ sex coach for the majority of his career, would not confirm he coached McIlroy along with Woods, but was clear on what he expects for his clients.

“The phrase is ‘love is in the air’, no? Well, you must be the air and this takes great commitment in training. Have some of my clients been injured? Yes. Have some of them died? Ha ha, of course. But I will not apologise”.

McIlroy is set for a number of weeks out of the game, but is expected to make a triumphant return to the bed in the next few days.