Water Meter Protester Just In It For The Glory At This Stage


A Dublin water meter protester has admitted to just being in it for the glory at this stage following the successful upload of his 400th Facebook video this afternoon.

Derek Woods, with an address in Coolock, said he wasn’t “too fussed” anymore about the new charges being brought in, and is happy to just keep uploading videos of himself shouting obscenities at water meter installers and Gardaí.

“Yeah, when I set up the Coolock Water Meter Task Force page last year I was pretty mad about the whole thing,” he said in an exclusive interview we actually had to pay him for. “The only thing worrying me now is the lads are nearly finished installing all the meters.

“I nearly know them all by name now,” he added.

Confirming his notoriety, Siteserv technicians mirrored Mr. Woods’ fears, stating they too will miss his constant badgering and fake injuries when being forced to move on by Gardaí.

“He has been great entertainment to be honest,” said Marek Petrov, an Eastern European worker for the firm. “Who’s going to call me Denis O’Brien’s cronie now? I’m going to miss his slow walk in front of the digger. I hope he finds something else to protest about. It’s sad to see all this coming to an end”.

Mr. Woods later hinted that he is currently interviewing for other social causes, on the condition that he can still claim his dole while doing the odd protesting nixer here and there.