Malahide Locals Baffled By Mysterious Creature That Washed Up On Their Beach


LOCALS in the north Dublin town of Malahide are said to be baffled by the mysterious creature that seemingly washed up on its beach late yesterday evening.

Despite appearing docile locals dared not approach the creature after stumbling upon the large rotund beast, which seemed to be wearing a pair of yellow speedo’s, lying flat out on the surface of the beach.

“It’s the sheer size of thing that frightened us most I think,” explained local Helen Feeney, who, along with her young daughter made the discovery which has experts around the world baffled too.

“It does appear to resemble the hominid family, but then that doesn’t explain the huge amount of fur sprouting from almost all areas of the body,” Florida based Zoologist Martin Gurney told WWN.

An international appeal is underway to identify the creature, with local authorities engaged in a dangerous waiting game with the beast as we speak.

“We’ve approached it several times, but it seems to let out a loud guttural exhalation which could probably be heard as far away as Blackrock,” pest control expert Davin Davitt explained, “none of our equipment can take the weight of it, so trying to move it is currently proving difficult”.

“We don’t think it poses an immediate threat to locals as judging by its underside, you can see it has recently feasted, so shouldn’t need to eat for several more weeks”.

Members of the public have speculated that the creature may be migratory in nature as similar sightings on Irish beaches have been made in recent summers.