Children’s Playground In Waterford Park Destroyed By Cursing Overnight


THOUSANDS of euros worth of damage was done to a children’s playground in Waterford city last night by what Gardaí believe was a series of devastating curses.

The attack targeted the part of the playground designed for younger children, who were lucky not to be around at the time to hear the vile language.

Witnesses living close to the Peoples Park, which banned swearing, smoking, picking flowers, flying model aeroplanes and BBQs last week, reported hearing numerous bad words and phrases being directed at the innocent playground.

“There were a group of hooded youths shouting over the wall outside the park,” said Triona Murphy, a local resident. “They were clever enough not to swear inside the park grounds as that is now illegal. They must have thrown twenty or thirty good fucks, and about twelve cunts and shits over the wall.

“The park hadn’t a chance sure,” she added.

It was reported that three carriages from the play train were blown to pieces by the abuse. One of the swings also suffered damage after its rubber coating was ripped off by what investigators believe was a loud ‘cunt’, leaving the metal underneath exposed and insulted.

Local councilor Lola O’Sullivan condemned the attacks, calling the culprits cowards, stating ‘they wouldn’t use that language at home’.

“We’re just going to have to extend the swearing ban across the city if this kind of carry on keeps up,” she told WWN today.