Conor McGregor Breaks Own Leg For “Fair Match Up”


IRISH mixed martial artist Conor McGregor had his leg purposely broken by trainer John Kavanagh this afternoon ahead of his UFC bout against champion Jose Aldo next month, in a bid for an “even match up” after it was announced the Brazilian broke his rib while training.

Speaking to WWN, Kavanagh defended his team’s decision to break the Irish fighter’s femur in four places, stating the handicap still wasn’t enough to bring McGregor down to his opponent’s level.

“We were going to break Conor’s two legs, but Dana White (UFC chairman) pleaded with us to stop,” he said. “Conor is in a bit of pain, but is fully confident he will defeat Aldo in the first round by knockout.”

McGregor, who was pushed into a press conference in a wheelchair this afternoon, promised fans that the fight will go ahead no matter what his injuries are.

“Even with me leg broken I’ll still bleedin’ hammer him,” said the Dubliner in a speaking-to-a-foreigner style accent. “I’ll even tie me hands behind my back. Blindfolded! I’ve trained too hard for this and to be honest. It feels like this has been going on for years.”

It has not been confirmed yet whether Aldo can still fight on the 11th of July in Las Vegas, but sources have said this new leg breaking development may force his hand.