Ireland Honours The Inventor Of The Breakfast Roll, Swedish Engineer Erik Brikfasdtroll


THERE were emotional scenes in Dublin’s Trinity College earlier today as thousands turned out to cheer on the inventor of the breakfast roll, Erik Brikfasdtroll, as he received an honorary doctorate.

Brikfasdtroll had stumbled upon his inspired creation in 1971 after a late night working in a factory in Stockholm. Due to a particularly horrid bout of insomnia the near demented engineer placed bacon, sausages and eggs in a breaded roll along with enough tomato ketchup to drown a rural village.

“I had no idea I had made history that night,” Brikfasdtroll revealed to an enthusiastic crowd of construction workers, hungover students and office workers, “it was only on a holiday to Ireland in 2003 did I realise what I had achieved, my children for so long did not believe my claims, but they are here today to witness this glorious honour”.

The breakfast roll is still to this day a much maligned meal in Brikfasdtroll’s health conscious home of Sweden, so inevitably the adoring crowds proved too much for the 71-year-old.

“It is a great happiness to be here, accepting this doctorate,” Brikfasdtroll said, breaking down in joyful tears, and soon the 8,000 strong crowd followed suit, with many grown men crying into their breakfast rolls.

Brikfasdtroll further endeared himself to the crowd by staying behind for 3 hours to personally sign everyone’s breakfast rolls, before heading on to a special reception hosted by the President in Áras An Uachtaráin, which is believed to be attended by all of Ireland’s elite.

The inventor also revealed that despite the look of the breakfast roll today, the original construction of the very first roll took close to 3 hours.