Irish Mother To Continue Reading Headlines Out Loud While Browsing Newspaper


DESPITE protests from each of her four children, an Irish mother stationed in Kilkenny has issued a statement in which she made it perfectly clear that she will continue reading the headlines out loud when flicking through the newspaper.

Carol Jennings, 62, sits at the kitchen table at least once a day, drinking cups of tea while reading whatever newspaper is close at hand.

With every page turn, the wife-of-one will announce the next headline to whoever is within earshot, despite their requests for her to stop.

The Jennings family says that the situation reaches boiling point when Carol is reading local newspaper The Kilkenny Echo, where the full-time homemaker will read aloud every single one of the local court notices, before making inquiries as to who the notice might be about.

“She’ll read out ‘local man fined €500 for being drunk and disorderly’, and then try to figure out who it might be,” said Aoife Jennings, the eldest daughter of the family. “And then ask us if it’s so-and-so from up the road. Then she’ll continue to read out job offers, GAA scores, everything like that… we’ve asked her to stop but she’s got no intention to”.

“To be honest, I think she does it even if there’s no-one in the house,” she added.