Lovin’ Waterford: Our Review Of Topaz Coffee


HI GUYS! We here at Lovin’ Waterford are serious coffee addicts; you don’t want to see us before we’ve had our morning caffeine fix LOL!

But we don’t always get our coffee from gourmet baristas in the city center; sometimes we gotta slum it and get some cheap ‘n nasty petrol station coffee to keep us going while running to whatever amazing event we’re going to LOL! Just yesterday, we grabbed a cup of black from our local Topaz while filling up the hybrid with 50 euro worth of unl’ed.  Here’s our thoughts on it!

For starters, we found the machine that dispensed the coffee to be ███████[redacted], while everything around it looked like it needed a good █████   ███. Nevertheless, we pressed ahead with a ████ of ███ , choosing the biggest size we could to get our money’s worth. There were a selection of syrups available to put some flavour in your coffee, but they all looked ███████████ so we steered well clear.

The ████ that dropped into our cup looked ███████ and smelled ███, but we crossed our fingers hoping that it would taste better; alas, it ████████████████████████ █████ ██████████. The machine chugged our coffee out with all the █████████ of an old ██ giving a ████████ ████████ sample in a hospital, before hissing and adding a █████████████████ portion of steamed milk which made the whole thing look █████████.

The free Twix we got with our coffee did little to █████████ the experience, and we ended up pouring most of the ███████████████████████ down the ███.

Overall, anyone who drinks coffee at Topaz needs their ████████ examined, as it is quite possibly the ██████ █████  ██ we have ever had the pleasure of drinking in our lives.

In short; █████████   █████  ████ ██████████████ ██.