Defiant No Side Leave Campaign Posters Up In Desperation


MARRIAGE equality No siders have decided to leave up their campaign posters for as long as they can in a desperate bid to change the minds of the general public who have already voted yes.

Thousands of defiant No posters remain perched high on roadside poles across the country, despite a two thirds majority defeat.

“Hopefully everyone will change their minds,” said Theresa Hennessy, a local No campaigner. “It won’t be long until the gays make a mistake. Just you wait and see”.

Currently there are 20,000 No posters on display across the country, which scientists believe could have an adverse effect on a commuter’s sub-conscious.

“This constant stream of the word No may influence peoples decisions on just about anything, and could have a negative impact on society in general,” explained psychologist Dr. Dermot Hynes. “There has already been several instances this week where Gardaí have tried to stop vehicles, but for some reason the drivers just said no and kept going.”

Meanwhile, 62% of the country have today urged the No side to just take down their stupid posters immediately, and not to be such sore losers.