Golden Retriever ‘Horrified’ After Stock Image Appears On Pedigree Chum Cans


A GOLDEN retriever from the Midlands who sold the rights of his image to a stock photography company has expressed the disgust he felt when he realised that his image was being used to advertise Pedigree Chum.

Bouncer, aged 7 in human, 49 in dog, posed for the images as part of a series on dogs in Ireland over three years ago, which were then purchased in bulk by an online image library. Bouncer signed away his rights to the images, receiving no payment except a prolonged session of belly tickles.

The Athlone based pet of two thought nothing more of the photos until it was brought to his attention earlier this week that his image was being used to advertise Pedigree Chum, and that he appeared on every can and bag of the popular dog food on shop shelves across the country.

“I would rather eat my own poop than eat Pedigree Chum,” said Bouncer, while eating his own poop.

“Perhaps I was naive when I signed away the rights to my image, but I guess I just thought that they would never be picked for anything. I’ve talked to my lawyer, and it looks like I can’t do much. I just hope this is a lesson to other dogs out there”.

In a clever PR move, Midlands animal feed firm Red Mills have approached Bouncer to appear as the poster canine for their own brand of dog food in their latest campaign.