9 Things Strong Confident Women Are Sick Of Hearing


ARE you a strong, confident woman? No? Well then get out of here, the title clearly implies this is a list relating to strong confident women only. Now that little misunderstanding is out of the way we can bring you the essential list of things us strong, confident women are s-i-c-k of hearing.

1) ‘Honestly love, what’s with the PhD in advanced thermodynamics? Who are you trying to impress? We get it you’re not merely an object for male sexual gratification, calm down’. Typical.

2) ‘Sorry, but this free prostate exam for over 70s is for men only’. Typical.

3) ‘Cheer up love, it might never happen’. Thanks dude, but it actually did happen several seconds before you said that when another guy said exactly the same thing as you did.

4) ‘You don’t need a man to succeed’. Eh, yeah thanks magazine news stands of today, I knew that already. I know how to think for myself, I’ve been doing that ever since Ireland’s Own told me to do it back in 1989.

5) ‘Hey, you know you don’t have to sleep your way to the top’. Great, ok. So, eh, do you mind telling me how I’m supposed to show my boss at Beds ‘R’ Us that I can fulfill my obligations as chief bed mattress tester then? Think before you speak.

6) ‘Woah, that’s crazy talk you sound like one of those Feminists I’ve been reading about in the crime section of the news’. Death to all men!

7) ‘You don’t need to download the Daily Mail app, honestly’. Ok, so maybe you can tell me what I’m supposed to hate about myself today, because without my daily Daily Mail, I know I don’t know what it is. Thanks.

8) ‘You should read Lean In’. Yeah, I know. Newsflash, I’m not a pretend strong confident woman, I read that like 6 months ago.

9) ‘You can’t give a car a bloke’s name’. Yes you can and my Mini Countryman is called Nigel, deal with it.