WWN Property


WWN were recently gifted with the rare opportunity to take a tour of a property in one of the most sought-after areas in Dublin before it hit the rental market, where it is expected to last mere hours before being snapped up.


Located less than a mile from the plush Drumcondra and Glasnevin areas, this remarkable property is a situated only a half an hour away from Connolly station and the city center, and less than five minutes away from the A&E department of the Mater hospital. With close proximity to a number of mobile phone repair shops and African hair-extension salons, this remarkable demi-apartment would suit a range of lifestyles, from student, to bachelor, to single mother and family.


Inside, the breathtaking apartment offers an easy-to-heat level of roomspace combined with a pleasant, earthy air-feel; noticeable in particular when you find yourself in the kitchen area, which has been constructed in the closed-plan style which was pioneered in the bohemian areas of cities such as New York, London and Paris. Artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat or Sylvia Plath may have cooked in a kitchen such as this when they were struggling for recognition… perhaps a stay here will inspire you to a life of greatness too?


The beauty of this apartment is the ease with which one transitions between rooms; the merest of efforts is required to transport you from the kitchen quarter to the living eight. For the modern city-slicker who enjoys spending their time on the town rather than sitting indoors, this living area is a dream come true. Should you wish to actually sit here and watch some TV, you’ll be delighted to find that the plug outlets throughout the property are all of the standard-issue three pin style, allowing you to plug things in with the same ease as you would in a property nine times the price.


A stylish shared bathroom area two floors down from the main vista allows the inhabitant of this stunning property to meet and greet with everyone else in the building at regular or irregular intervals, adding a neighbourly charm often missing in city centre life.


No swinging city pad would be complete without somewhere to lay your head, particularly if you happen to strike it lucky with someone you meet in any of the dozens of bars within falling distance of your front door. The flawless architecture of this pad is apparent nowhere more than in the bedroom area, which exudes a snugness akin to that found when cuddling a loved one. The walls are literally hugging you as you sleep.

Available to the first shrewd individual to view it for a mere €225 per week, WWN Property can highly recommend this captivating domicile to anyone looking for somewhere to call home.