God Considering Switch To Islam


GOD ALMIGHTY has admitted, for the first time ever, that he is giving serious consideration to switching faiths to Islam.

Long thought to be infallible and omnipotent, God has stated in his tri-millennial address to his Christian followers that he has weighed up his options and thinks it is time for a change.

“I’m known for being fairly stubborn,” God said shortly after emerging from behind a large cloud, “but you know what, I think these ISIS lads mean business and I’m not sure I trust some of you to sort it out so, while the going is still good, I’m going to make the switch just to stay on their good side”.

This news has of course shocked many of the Christian figurehead’s followers, with some even bold enough to question his motivations.

“Isn’t this a little selfish,” queried mother-of-three Sarah Richards despite the possibility of a smiting from God.

It is thought God’s transition to Islam will avoid much of the red tape associated with changing religion as He doesn’t have a birth certificate and was not technically registered with any one religion previous to this.

“I understand people will be mad,” God added, “but I think this is just a case of ‘hate the game, not the player’ and it will take some people a while to eventually realise that,” He added.

It is thought the issue of eating pork will not affect God in any way after getting into a real health kick in the late 90s during which time he began a vegan.