Bias As RTE Refuses To Run ‘Water Meter Installers Are Lizard Men’ Story


STATE-FUNDED broadcaster RTÉ reached yet another new low in the race to the bottom, WWN can exclusively reveal.

With a vocal and large scale protest numbering 4 million people taking place outside RTÉ HQ in Donnybrook this past weekend, it was presumed the tax payer drainer would have taken a break from its blatant propaganda for a few days but fresh revelations this morning are proving that is not the case.

Vociferous critic of Government mouthpiece RTÉ, Eamon Quilty has today revealed that the broadcaster is continuing to reject the mounting evidence against water meter installers.

“Typical RTÉ, can’t say I’m surprised and they probably knew the game was up once I produced my evidence to them,” Quilty told WWN, “not sure they’d know what news actually looks like these days”.

The evidence Quilty refers to is the troubling form the Irish Water meter installers now openly take in full view of the public.

“Lizard, see, there’s another one. Lizard. He’s not evening bothering to put his hoodie up there, lizard,” Quilty told WWN as he quickly flicked through blurry photos on his iPhone which were made up of as little as 7 pixels.

While RTÉ didn’t have the grace or class to issue a statement on its suppression of the story regarding our lizard overlords, Quilty suggested the game was up for the shadowy network of lizard people.

“RTÉ slipped up man, they fuckin’ slipped up big time,” Quilty explained, referencing Enda Kenny’s recent appearance on RTÉ Prime Time.

“Miriam was throwing him some seriously soft questions and then I watched the footage back and you can actually see a brief shot of the Taoiseach’s forked tongue, he’s finding it harder to mask his real form,” explained Quilty.

The brave whistle blower then confirmed to WWN he fully expected to be murdered by Denis O’Brien in the coming days but felt the truth needed to be told.

RTÉ are not expected to comment on these facts anytime in the near future.