Mental Health Group Slams Reintroduction Of Maniac 2000 Back Into Society


MENTAL Health Ireland has condemned the reintroduction of Maniac 2000 back into Irish society today after the track celebrated its 15th anniversary this week.

The song by DJ Mark McCabe which is a medley of Michael Sembello’s 1983 song “Maniac”, remained at the number one spot in Ireland for 10 weeks, triggering a psychosis in hundreds of thousands of people at the time.

Maniac 2000 was later held responsible for irresponsible spending, thus creating a large property bubble and false economy which crashed seven years later in 2007.

“Up until yesterday there were people in their teens that never even heard of the song,” said chairman of the health group Dr. Kevin Lahart. “Thanks to this uncalled for revival, thousands of teens may have already been exposed to the songs cringey backing track and cliched phrases.”

Since its recent airplay, parents up and down the country have reported a large increase in the number of “yeah – yeah – funky – yeah’s”.

“I was upstairs when I heard it on the radio in the kitchen,” explained now mother of two, Tracey Holden. “By the time I got down to turn it off my daughter Cayla was already shouting ‘how’d she get him, how’d she know, and all the music – the beat – the tempo’.”

“I was too late. There wasn’t even a warning or nothing before the song,” she added.

The Broadcasting Authority in Ireland has already announced it will be making a full investigation into the matter and apologised for its failing in keeping the track off the national airwaves.

“This was probably the worst thing to happen right now – just as the country was getting back on its feet,” said a spokesperson.

In 2005, DJ Mark McCabe was sentenced to 45 years in Port Laois maximum security prison for crimes against humanity in his role in producing the song.

If you have been affected by this tune, please contact 1800-she’s-dancin-like-she-never-did-before.