Government Issue Spanish Student Yellow Warning


THE Government has today raised the Spanish student alert from green to yellow, amid fears that this year’s deluge may be the worst in recent memory.

The students, who take part in an exchange program throughout the year, have been coming to Ireland for over twenty years, causing traffic chaos on commuter services and a sharp rise in backpack related injuries.

Small pockets of Spanish students have already been spotted around Ireland, leading experts to believe that this may be the calm before the storm. Preliminary reports are predicting this year’s torrential influx of Spanish kids, ranging in age from 3 to 19, may be the worst in recorded history.

“We’ve already seen a high number of Spanish students in town centres, sticking mostly to museums and shopping centres,” said Phillip Maher, chief Studentologist at the Spanish Student Early Warning Center.

“The telltale signs are all there; fewer spaces on buses and trains, longer lines in supermarkets, and a higher level of Spanish kids yelling all the God damn time. We can expect drizzles of Spanish students over the next number of weeks before the true onslaught begins, with coastal areas expected to be the worst hit”.

As Spain prepares to export its youth to Ireland for the next 6 months, preparations have begun for the first ever group of Irish students to partake in the program.

A group of the 9 best behaved students, hand-chosen from all across Ireland will travel to Barcelona, where they are expected to be homesick and not open their mouths for the duration of the trip.