Teenager Requires 50 Hrs Of Surgery After Having The Face Worn Off Her At Disco


A WESTMEATH teenager will undergo a groundbreaking procedure later today in an attempt to reconstruct her facial features after a boy she met at an underage disco wore the face off her.

Sinead Halpin, 17, was left with injuries similar to third degree burns to 80% of her face after a prolonged shifting session with an anonymous lad, believed to be of similar age.

Friends of Ms. Halpin recall how she met the young man during a non-alcoholic disco in Athlone town, at a notorious local nightclub called Drippers.

Ms. Halpin had been on the dance floor with her friends before bumping into the youth, at which point they stopped everything and began to shift.

It was only after an hour that Ms. Halpin began to complain about facial pain, and rushed to the ladies toilets to see what was the problem. It was here she discovered that her face had been worn down to the bone, at which point her friends called an ambulance that rushed her to Athlone General hospital.

“We’re expecting the surgery to last about 50 hours, ” said Dr. Rashpal O’Malley, one of the leading facial reconstruction surgeons in Ireland.

“First, we’ll have to construct a new set of lips and a nose from the skin we will take from her thigh, then we will graft this onto what little cartilage is still left on her face. We will then try and create new cheeks, eyelids, and a forehead from tissue taken from her calves.

“There will be significant scarring on her face, but she is a young girl so the fake tan should cover it up.” he added.

In the wake of the incident, young people are being advised to exercise caution when shifting each other, and to wear special protective face coverings which are to be distributed in participating teenage discos across the country.