Joy For Wife As Husband Gets Shopping List Nearly 60% Right


THERE was jubilation for a Carlow woman today, after her husband returned home from doing the weekly shopping with a record amount of the correct things.

Sheila O’Neill had reluctantly texted the shopping list for the week to her husband Michael earlier in the day, after he insisted on swinging into Lidl on the way home and getting the grocery shop “out of the way before the weekend”.

The Bagenalstown housewife had offered to just do an online shop with Tesco, but her husband rubbished the suggestion and demanded she send him the list.

Aware of Michael’s history of coming home with none of the items she would ask for, Shelia was pleasantly surprised today to find that he had outdone himself with this weeks shopping, as nearly 60% of the things he bought were more or less what he had been asked for.

“Usually when Michael does the shopping we have to spend the next day re-doing it, at double the expense,” said Mrs. O’Neill, as she began to make new plans for the week’s dinners based on the foods her husband had bought.

“But in fairness to him, he didn’t do so bad this week. He bought what I asked him for, even if it “seemed expensive” or he thought ‘we had two of them in the back of the press’. Here’s a couple of turnips, for example; granted, I asked for sweet potatoes, but it’s better than nothing”.

Mr. O’Neill will tonight celebrate topping the charts of Irish Husband Shoppers, after his shopping trip was deemed the most successful in the country this week. A close second was Louth man Sean McArdle, who was sent to the shops for ham for the kids sandwiches, but came back with firelighters and a tray of eggs.