Banking Inquiry Marred By Colour Of Dress Debate


IRELAND’S banking inquiry has been derailed today as TDs sitting on the committee into the inquiry bicker intensely over the colour of a dress.

Earlier this morning as David McWilliams tried to complete his evidence while wearing a cool jacket made entirely about of his new book, TDs were caught up in angry exchanges.

“It’s fucking white and gold you piece of shit,” Sinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty bellowed as he carried on a dispute which began in whispers as TDs passed around a phone with the image on it,”I think there’s even a hint of green,” Doherty added in an obvious attempt at cheap political point scoring.

“Blind as bats, the lot of you,” responded Labour TD Ciaran Lynch,”black and blue, plain as day.”

The inquiry was then adjourned as the debate continued in the corridors prompting new witnesses to be called.

Leading lights of Irish fashion Simon Rocha, Philip Treacy and Paul Costello were all compelled to attend in an effort to clear up what has proven to be an issue of real importance to the Irish people.

“People might call this a laughable sideshow, but we need to reflect the interests and thoughts on Irish society,” explained Susan O’Keffee as the inquiry reconvened.

The inquiry also took the drastic step of changing the inquiry’s official hashtag to #IsItFuckingWhiteOrWhat which began trending instantly worldwide on social media.

“We need to expand this inquiry and give it greater powers,” the Taoiseach added when pressed by the media on the ongoing revelations coming from this strange magical dress.