Waterford Student Suffocates Inside Her Own Makeup On Girls Night Out


A COUNTY Waterford woman who collapsed dead in a city centre nightclub last night has been named as 21-year-old Janet Keane, Gardaí have confirmed today.

The woman, who was studying French and Business in WIT, is believed to have suffocated to death inside her own makeup shortly after leaving the women’s toilet at half past eleven last night.

“Jan said she was going in to put on some more makeup before we hit the dance floor,” recalled the victim’s friend, Dorothy Hazelburn. “One of the girls pointed out that she was struggling to keep her head up due to the weight of it all. I asked her to take it easy on the foundation as her whole face, it was slipping; her eye-holes were down around her cheeks and she couldn’t even see where she was going, the poor pet.”

Unfortunately, the granddaughter-of-four failed to heed the warning and continued applying even more make-up.

“She looked a right mess when she came out of the jacks,” explained another friend, who was too upset to give a name. “Her HD brows were more like VHS at that stage. When I looked closer they were just under her nose like a moustache. She insisted on going dancing – despite the Groucho Marx head on her!”.

Security at the club confirmed that Ms. Keane got about halfway to the dance floor before collapsing “like a bag of spuds” onto the nightclub floor.

“I thought she was drunk so we threw her out the exit doors,” admitted head doorman Barry ‘Basher’ Hollihan. “It was nearly Uptown Funk time again so we didn’t want to see her get trampled on either”.

The bouncer later defended the move due to a ‘strict no tolerance rule on intoxication’ enforced by the club owners, despite it being a well known student bar that promotes €3 drinks.

It is believed the victim’s friends followed her outside and called an ambulance shortly after.

Janet Keane was pronounced dead at the scene and an early morning post-mortem found the young student suffocated inside her own makeup.

Since the news, local TDs have jumped at the chance to call for better education on makeup application for the under 25s.