Axles On Irish Cricket Bandwagon Beginning To Show Signs Of Strain


THERE were concerns this morning among the Irish Cricket Union after the success of the Ireland team at the World Cup caused massive strain on the Irish Cricket bandwagon, leading to fears that the axles may not be fit to cope with the strain.

Although the Irish team were jubilant following a victory over a highly-rated West Indies side in their opening match at the Cricket World Cup in Nelson, New Zealand, there were worries behind the scenes that the win may cause a flood of Irish people who have never watched a game of cricket in their life, to leap on the supporter’s bandwagon.

Today’s sudden emergence of thousands of previously-unheard of cricket fans brought back memories of the 2007 World Cup, where the boys in white beat favourites Pakistan in the opening rounds, leaving genuine cricket fans in dismay as they spent the rest of the tournament explaining the rules to legions of hangers-on.

Fears are now growing that another victory in NZ will cause a record number of people leaping on the bandwagon, possibly smashing it altogether.

“We would urge all non-cricket fans to remain that way for now,” said Ian Mangan, chief spokesperson for the ICU.

“Just keep on being someone who doesn’t watch cricket. If you want to get involved, maybe start watching games during the Summer, just slowly wean yourself onto the game. But the fan bandwagon just cannot cope with everyone rushing to jump on it at once”.

Mangan’s pleas are expected to fall on deaf ears, as “cricket” was the number one trend on Twitter in Ireland this morning, as those who didn’t even know the World Cup was on woke up and desperately grasped for their share in someone else’s victory.