Fermanagh Wedding Gets 7 For Overall Presentation


A SHOOTING which took place outside the church where a young couple were about to be married did nothing to dampen the bride’s chances of winning a dream honeymoon on popular bridal competition Four Weddings, as the three other contestants still gave a generous score of 7 for the overall presentation.

The score means the teenage bride still stands a good chance of topping the marks when the scores are compiled following two more weddings in the coming weeks.

Melanie Smyth, Manchester, Sheila Woods, Birmingham, and Colette Stevens, Aberdeen, were all in attendance at the chapel in Newtownbutler for the marriage of the fourth competitor, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The three brides reported hearing what sounded like gunshots before the beginning of the ceremony, but were unaware that anyone had died until after the bride and groom were joined in holy matrimony.

“The church is fabulous, so I marked it as an 7,” said Melanie Smyth, whose wedding is the only other one to have taken place so far.

“Her dress was fabulous, so I gave it a 7. I gave the food at the reception 7 as well, and 7 for the overall presentation. I’m aware that my own wedding may have scored a bit lower, so I gave 7s all round because it’s high enough to make me not seem like a bitch, but low enough to keep me in with a chance of winning”.

The quartet will now attend the wedding of Woods in Birmingham, pending the results of a PSNI investigation.