Labour Party Take Anne Ferris To England To Get Rid Of Her


FOLLOWING an unexpected and unfortunate turn of events with one of their female TDs, the Labour Party have decided that their only course of action is to take her to England and have her taken care of.

Wicklow TD Anne Ferris found herself in trouble after voting against the party’s wishes in yesterday’s abortion Bill, in which she stood in favour of a proposal which would have allowed the termination of a pregnancy in the case of fatal foetal abnormalities.

By choosing to go against the wishes of her partners, Labour claim they now have no choice but to take Ms. Ferris overseas to have her removed from the party, as the Government have yet to put provisions in place to do so here in Ireland, despite widespread calls for such measures.

“We dearly loved our Anne, but unfortunately she has been proven to not be a viable member of the party and as such we see no reason to carry her until the end of our term in Government,” said a Labour spokesperson this morning.

“It’s for the best, really. We’re just not in a position right now to have a TD like that with us, so we’ve opted to end it. We wanted to get rid of her here in Ireland, but it’s too much hassle”.

“We’d have to prove that there was no way she could last in the party, and that our life in government was at risk if we kept her. It’s just easier to get a flight over to Liverpool in the morning, and be home that evening without her. It’s sad, but it’s for the best”.

The Labour party are currently being consoled by their partners in government, and are being assured that they can always try for another TD later, when the time is right.