Irish TD Becomes Internet Sensation After ‘Handsome’ Mug-Shot Goes Viral


DUBLIN South-West TD Paul Murphy is today coming to terms with his new-found internet fame, after his mug shot went viral resulting in hundreds of thousands of new Twitter followers for the anti-water charges politician.

In a similar fashion to the last year’s online sensation Jeremy Meeks, dubbed the  “World’s Most Handsome Convict” after his mug shot was posted on a Law enforcement Facebook page, Murphy has been dubbed the “sexy Irish water guy” by his legions of new fans.

The shot of a defiant Murphy, taken in Terenure Garda station, was taken after he was brought in for questioning in relation to an incident in Jobstown in which Tainiste Joan Burton was trapped in her car for hours by water protesters.

Although most people had forgotten about the incident, Gardai made the decision to bring Murphy in for questioning, resulting in not only the TD’s followers getting all worked up again, but unlikely internet stardom with the possibility of a modelling career in the future.

“It’s just something about his eyes, you can see there’s the mind of a sexual animal behind them, ” said Layla Liebowitz, the American creator of a Paul Murphy fan page on Facebook which currently has nearly half a million followers.

“It’s the way he’s looking at the camera, you can tell he’s just a badass. Us girls love a bad boy, so it’s no surprise that this hardened anti-austerity politician has got women across the world so worked up”.

A spokesperson for Murphy has stated that the TD will continue to use his new notoriety to gather support for the Anti-Austerity Alliance, following an appearance next week on the Ellen Degeneres show.