These 5 IRA Atrocities Will Make You Feel So Old!


WE know that getting old sucks, but even worse is not realizing how quickly time flies! Looking back over the history of the Troubles, we couldn’t believe how much time had gone by since these terrorist atrocities were perpetrated by the Irish Republican Army. Read on if you want to feel super old!

1993… I Will Always Love You was in the charts, Jurassic Park was on the screens, and the IRA were blowing up Warrington, in England. Can you believe it’s been 23 years since this attack did nothing to advance the cause? The two kids caught in the blast would have been 26 and 35 now, if they hadn’t been killed!

Here’s one that’ll make you feel ancient; it’s been 37 years since the IRA firebombed the La Mon Hotel, burning 12 people to death. 37 years! That’s almost long enough for people to have forgotten about it, like the majority of the attacks carried out in the name of Republicanism during the Troubles.

Oh man, we’re starting to feel pretty old right now; the Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings in London were 33 years ago! 11 military personnel blown to pieces by nail-bombs , and that’s not counting their horses! That’s so long ago we doubt even senior members of Sinn Féin remember it, or if they do, they sure don’t mention it that often.

Violence and hatred ... the devastating scene of the 1993 Shankhill Road bombing, which k

1993 again, when this chip shop on the Shankill Road was turned into rubble when an IRA bomber prematurely blew up himself and nine punters. Fun fact; if you were born on this day, you’d be old enough to vote for Sinn Féin, if you wanted to.

One of the last bombings of the Provisional IRA, the London Docklands bombing which claimed 2 lives took place in 1996; 19 years ago, and 17 months into a then-promising ceasefire. Can these dates really be accurate? Some people were amazed at how high Sinn Féin’s popularity was in recent surveys, but then again they were probably thinking that these murders were a lot more recent than they actually are. Bet they feel really old right now!