Lotto Machine Left With Blue Balls Following 24-Hour Delay


A SPOKESPERSON for the National Lottery has announced that due to the unprecedented 24-hour delay in this week’s Lotto draw, the balls in the machine have turned blue.

The delay, a first in the near-30 year history of the competition, was put into place following a technical issue which saw Lotto machines across the country unable to print tickets for last night’s draw. It is believed a surge in demand for the draw, which would have been for an abnormally high €10 million rollover jackpot, caused the machines to crash.

However, technicians at Lotto headquarters were amazed to find that the anticipation of last night’s draw coupled with the extra day of waiting has turned the balls in the Lotto tumbler blue, and are making adjustments to make sure tonight’s draw goes off without any further mishaps.

“You’ve got to be very careful when dealing with blue balls,” said Harold O’Malley, spokesperson for the National Lottery. “So we have to conduct tonight’s draw without any further delay. These balls were expecting to be shot out of the tumbler last night, but the extra waiting time may have built up too much pressure and could lead to far more coming out that we normally get. We’ll have to be sure to not rush the draw, but not drag it out too long either”.

Producers of the twice-weekly Lotto show has also advised presenter Kamal Ibrahim to be careful where he stands during the draw, as the pent-up force of the balls may cause them to shoot further than expected, accidentally hitting him in the eye.