The Feminaxis Of Evil: A Guide To The 5 Worst Feminazis


PRESENTING perhaps more of a threat to Western civilisation than either ISIS or Ebola is the rise of the Feminazi, a term used to describe a woman who refuses to adhere to society’s expectations of her, and who also can’t listen to swooping criticisms of her and her entire gender without going on and on about it.

As new reports of rampant Feminazi activity sweep across the internet on a daily basis, we at WWN would like to take an opportunity to bring our readers up to date with this troubling new movement, and introduce the “Feminaxis Of Evil”; the five most dangerous types of female currently posing a threat to the established gender status quo.

The Lady You Work With


She may have seemed like an alright sort when she gave you a loan of her stapler, and she may seem to laugh along every time you suggest that a change in her temperament is down to “her time of the month”, but the woman you work with could actually be a Feminazi hiding in plain sight. Secret members the Feminestapo have infiltrated key positions in every workplace, across the globe, and are just waiting for an opportunity to complain about not earning as much money as their male counterparts. Avoid at all cost! Use your own stapler!

The Girl You Met On Tinder Who Wouldn’t Send You A Picture Of Her Tits


That fine piece who went off on one when you asked for some sexy pics ten minutes after matching on Tinder may not just be a deeply closeted lesbian, she’s probably also a vicious Feminazi looking to entrap men into embarrassing themselves before posting the evidence online in a bid to somehow make you feel ashamed of your actions. A more dangerous version of the girl who walks around dressed in revealing clothes, but gets all pissy when you yell at her from across the street, the Tinder Feminazi must be not be given more ammo for her cause, so make absolutely sure that your dating app girl is up for showing you some skin before you ask. We advise chatting for at least a half an hour before you ask, 20 minutes if you absolutely can’t wait.

That Woman Who Commented On The Same YouTube Video As You


So you watched a YouTube video, and you offered your thoughts on it in the comments section… and then here comes some woman who posts her own comment, which is contrary to your opinion! Truly the work of a hardcore Feminazi, trolling you in a bid to gain more victories for the Feminazi movement and send more men to Feminauschwitz.  Allowing her a victory on such a vital battlefield as an online forum could be devastating to humankind as we know it, so be sure to post another comment under hers, using as much violent sexually-aggressive language as you can. Fuck the Geneva Convention; this is gender war! Hold nothing back!

That Female Celebrity On Twitter


If it’s one thing worse than a Feminazi, it’s a Feminazi with a hundred thousand followers. These high-ranking members of the Femin-S/S are the chief recruiting officers for women who otherwise would let the misogyny they encounter on a daily basis slide. Ranging from actresses to singers, politicians to journalists, the Feminazi on Twitter are quick to react to examples of lads just having a laugh, and will frequently retweet hilarious chauvinistic jokes while somehow suggesting that they aren’t funny, and are in fact dangerous to how women are portrayed in society. Alright, Feminitler! Keep your panties on, Jeeeesus.

Your Mum


Yes, reader, the most dangerous Feminazi is the one we never think of. Your mum might give off the impression that she’s happy in life, but under the surface she could be a covert Feminazi who hates how you’ve turned out despite her best efforts. Perhaps years of being seen as the lesser of the two genders, your mum could be watching how you deal with women and secretly hate you for it. Perhaps she may even sit you down some day and begin distributing some Feminazi propaganda about respect for women or gender equality. As with all Feminazi’s, your best tactic is to refuse to listen to any point they’re trying to make before yelling at them to “stop being such a Feminazi”. This sentence instantly renders their opinion invalid, while enforcing your own! Use it now! Use it often!