CIA Torture Files Show Detainees Were Forced To Go Shopping On Christmas Eve


A DAMNING US Senate Intelligence Committee report released last week has pinpointed several instances in which detainees at CIA ‘black sites’ around the world were forced to endure indescribable acts of torture, including being forced into shopping on Christmas Eve.

Under the Bush administration, terror suspects from around the world were detained in prison camps as the CIA attempted to extract information from them.

Although the use of torture first came to light following the 2003 leak of shocking pictures from the Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, the full extent of the tortures inflicted on prisoners is now becoming clear following the release of a Senate report which took 6 years to compile.

The report shows that detainees were forced to endure beatings, sleep deprivation, and waterboarding, although high-profile prisoners were forced to endure the worst torment of all; having to complete an entire shopping run the day before Christmas.

“It was the most dreaded torture, reserved for people who had refused to give up information across the rest of the year, ” said CIA operative Joe Crosby, who helped the Senate committee to compile their report.

“Suspected terror chiefs were airlifted to cities around the world and given money and a shopping list, before being told that an air strike would be carried out on their home towns if everything wasn’t purchased before the day was out”.

The shopping lists given to detainees required them to purchase both gifts and groceries, and in many instances required going to more than one shopping centre.

“We gave these poor bastards a car, and told them they had to drive from mall to mall” said Crosby, shaking his head and weeping.

“They asked us, ‘Where will we park?’… We just told them they’d better find somewhere or else we’d bomb their village into the ground. We made it as hard for them as we could; we didn’t give them change for shopping trolleys, we made sure the shopping lists included presents for teenage daughters as well as grandparents… By the time they got back to Guantanemo Bay, these poor guys gave up every piece of Intel they had”.

Crosby refused to be drawn on allegations that several detainees were killed during the Christmas Eve interrogations, as files code-named “Last Minute Off Licence Run” are still classified.