Parents To Get Nice And Drunk Before Taking Kids To Pantomime



WATERFORD parents, Jim and Aileen Hoey have devised a novel way to take the sting out of sitting through a Christmas pantomime with their kids later today; by getting nice and drunk an hour beforehand.

The duo begrudgingly agreed earlier in the month to bring Sam, 6, and Phil, 8, to the local theatre performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and have been trying to duck out of it ever since.

With attempts to persuade the kids to maybe go for a nice drive in the park or go see Santy again proving unsuccessful, the Hoey’s will spend this evening listening to terrible versions of classic songs accompanied by dreadfully choreographed dancing… But the pair do not intend to be sober.

“We’re sneaking in naggins,” beamed Jim, who has suffered through the yearly pantomime for the past three years.

“Jack Daniels for me, Malibu for the missus. We’re going to have a few cans at home just to get a buzz on, then when the singing starts we’ll start sinking the aul naggins. If we pound them into us before the first intermission, we should be starting to sober up by the time the show finishes three hours later”.

Every year, pantomime attendance causes alcohol related problems for thousands of parents. If you or someone you know has been affected by attending a pantomime, please contact the National Pantomime helpline.